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Memorable Experiences at The Charleston Place, The Easiest Way Possible

Published on
22 May 2023
At a Glance

Beginning in February 2022, The Charleston Place partnered with Way to deliver a robust offering of experiences and activations both on property and in the Charleston community


The Charleston Place is a luxury hotel and gathering place for locals and visitors alike in Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to partnering with Way, The Charleston Place team did not have processes in place to create, market, and monetize experiential programming and brand activations.

In March 2022, the hotel transitioned from a branded property to an independent. As a part of this transition, Managing Director of The Charleston Place Robert Megargle and his team sought to deliver meaningful, immersive experiences to their guests as a means to drive brand awareness and relevancy as well as increased traffic to the property.

"At The Charleston Place, we pride ourselves on being Charleston’s Living Room, a welcoming and vibrant gathering place for all.

Working with Way’s hyper-responsive and collaborative Customer Success Team has allowed us to seamlessly launch and market immersive experiences directly on our website, elevating our offerings and providing guests with unforgettable memories.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Way to bring even more epic events to life in the future.” - Robert Megargle, Managing Director

Customer Goals

The Charleston Place team had several mission-critical objectives that needed to be addressed in order for them to reach their goals of becoming a truly unique gathering place for everyone, including:

  • Capture guest data to build brand loyalty and deepen customer relationships with both guests and non-guests
  • Develop and market curated experiences with local partners
  • Establish operational efficiencies via technology to allow hotel staff to focus on core tasks
  • Increase non-hotel guest traffic to the property
  • Allow guests to make special memories


With Way, guests can now book experiences and immsersive activations directly on The Charleston Place's website, and the operations and marketing teams can analyze and glean insights from the wealth of data collected through those bookings.

For specific experiences, like the iconic ‘Let It Snow’ event around the Holidays, and more recently, its ‘Easter Eggstravaganza,’ Way has helped The Charleston Place launch and scale brand-defining activations to tens of thousands of guests.

Both the corporate marketing department and Robert’s team on property can now focus their efforts on developing memorable programming for guests in the community thanks to the logistical leverage provided by the Way platform.

The numbers speak for themselves, and over 30,000 participants have enjoyed The Charleston Place’s experiences.

Global Headquarters:
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Austin, TX 78701