Bunkhouse Group

“Way makes it simple, easy, fast and affordable. Just how we like it here in Austin.”
Jenny Schipani

Corporate Director of Experience

Joined Way

January 2021


Operator of several hotels, resorts, restaurants, and cafes, throughout the US & Mexico. Subsidiary of Standard International.


Austin, Texas

Highlighted Experiences
Flavors of Baja
Spirit Sessions: Mezcal Tasting


“There’s so much to do here in Austin. I could spend an entire day putting together an itinerary for a guest. A day’s worth of work for an experience they may or may not do. Plus, as a hotel operator, it takes a lot of bandwidth to create and curate our own experiences. I’d need to build a website, spend tens of thousands of dollars, and invest a ton of time.”


“Way is what we needed without knowing it. My first thought was: This is perfect. They’re taking all the work out of experiences. Ingenious. It adds the revenue without adding all the responsibility. Plug-and-play. We’re also building our brand as a leader in offering unique, authentic experiences. That’s especially attractive to visitors these days.”


“Way lets us present a beautiful, formatted online experience that literally is our brand. And it’s a lot easier for us to customize our guest experiences than spending a day building an itinerary. Plus all the stress and the time involved with designing the perfect experiences magically disappears. Way makes it simple, easy, fast and affordable. Just how we like it here in Austin.”

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