Wentworth Mansion

“It’s a way to elevate our brand in the most authentic and innovative approach I’ve seen yet.”
Taylor McKenzie

Director of Marketing

Joined Way

February 2021

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21 keys

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Highlighted Experiences
Secrets of the Sommeliers
Yoga on the Lawn


“Post-COVID, it’s going to be important for our hotels to find additional revenue streams—not tied to occupancy or ADR. On top of that, we’re busier than ever trying to recoup the dollars lost during the pandemic. We need to do more than ever but we have less time than ever.”


“I needed easy. And I found it. Way really impressed me from the start. The set-up was so easy. The back-end is so easy. All of it, easy. These experiences truly set us apart. It’s not a carriage ride. Or an historic home tour. For us, it’s all on property, so all the revenue is ours, and it’s branded how we want to brand it. I also love that I can invite my staff to participate as hosts. It’s been amazing.”


“Way has created these unique and profitable opportunities for our property. We can offer experiences to our guests—that no else is offering, frankly—while seamlessly generating revenue. It’s a way for our brand to elevate in the most authentic and innovative approach.”

Global Headquarters:
610 Brazos Street, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78701