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"Way has empowered our local teams in more than 30 markets to seamlessly partner with incredible neighboring businesses and provide unforgettable experiences specific to each Graduate destination. The experience for consumers is efficient, user-friendly and has allowed us to not only offer our audiences more, but introduce the Graduate Hotels brand to a wider audience."

Kevin Osterhaus

President, Graduate Hotels

"Prior to Way, launching our activations and adventures required substantial effort and labor hours from our marketing and concierge teams. Working with Way, we’ve been able to deliver an elegant and bespoke user experience through our website while streamlining the back-of-house operations that go into delivering our experiences."

Henning Rahm

General Manager, The Little Nell

"Hotels are increasingly expected to go beyond providing a place to stay or dine, and to become true providers of experiences. Way was the one-of-a-kind solution we had been seeking for years. It’s an incredibly easy to use tool to manage, market, and book our experiences all in one centralized, on-brand platform."

Steve Shern

General Manager, Kimpton Cottonwood

“Way is what we needed without knowing it. My first thought was: This is perfect. They’re taking all the work out of experiences. Ingenious. It adds the revenue without adding all the responsibility. Plug-and-play. We’re also building our brand as a leader in offering unique, authentic experiences.”

Jenny Schipani

Corporate Director of Experience, Bunkhouse Group

“Engaging with guests and our local community through curated, memorable programming is a cornerstone of The Charleston Place, and Way’s suite of tools has allowed us to easily build and market these experiences so people can seamlessly gather and connect within our walls.”

Robert Megargle

Managing Director, Charleston Place

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76% of consumers would rather spend their money on experiences over material items. The future of how brands connect with their customers will be through immersive, real-world activations and experiences. Way helps businesses unlock the power of brand activations.

One centralized platform

The first and only brand activation platform.

Launch and scale brand activations and experiences from scratch. Way provides the end to end technology needed to make activations a core part of your business, from content creation to logistics, availability, booking, payments, marketing, and beyond. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to scale, we do brand-activations, the easiest Way possible.

A true partnership

Build brand loyalty, drive revenue.

Brand activations have an impact far and wide, from creating ancillary revenue to increasing the lifetime value of your customer. Your team, customers, and business will benefit from the meaningful connections built with Way. We’re here to help, whatever the question, whatever the need.

"As a luxury hotel with discerning guests, maintaining brand integrity and a seamless experience is paramount. We have increased the experience booking window to 25+ days and increased our average transaction value on experiences by over 80%.”

Henning Rahm

General Manager, The Little Nell

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We've spent time studying 100s of brands across 1000s of activations to learn what goes into delivering an exceptional brand activation. Focus on your core business while the Way platform streamlines and scales your brand-activations. From start to finish, Way has you covered.

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The Way platform does a lot. Unlocking the power of brand activations does even more.

Average ROI across ancillary revenue, brand loyalty, and reviews
8 days
Average time from signed contract to launching your brand activations with Way
Brand activations powered
Average increase in average experience transaction size
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Austin, TX