Powering a world of unforgettable experiences

At Way, we believe a brand’s most defining moments stem from the transformational experiences it creates.

The modern consumer seeks memories over material goods. 

This shift in behavior is reflected in global spending habits, and nearly 8 in 10 consumers agree they'd rather spend their money on experiences. Consumers also ranked "inspiration and meaning" as the most sought-after quality from brands, a 200% increase in less than a decade.  

Brands that proficiently launch and manage experiences will unlock new revenue opportunities and foster lasting moments that deepen loyalty and boost profit.

Experiences, the easiest way possible

Way launched in 2020 as the solution for hospitality brands looking to integrate experiences into their strategy when additional revenue opportunities were more important than ever.

From quaint 12-room New England B&Bs to lavish 50-room European châteaus and sprawling 450-key luxury island resorts, Way has empowered properties of all types and sizes to craft and digitize bespoke, distinctive experiences that resonate with their guests.

Expanding beyond hospitality

Way reached a significant milestone with a $20 million Series A funding in late 2022, driven by successful early adoptions from industry leaders like AutoCamp, Montage, Highgate, and many more.

With offices in Paris and Austin, Way is now expanding beyond its hospitality roots, partnering with retailers, restaurants, and more to build a world where every brand can craft and power unforgettable experiences.

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