How TOURISTS reduced staffing needs while scaling brand-defining programming with Way

Modern motel TOURISTS digitized its programming with Way to drive more awareness and scale experiential revenue.


TOURISTS, a 46-key boutique motel with limited indoor spaces and a small staff, needed a platform to streamline operations, increase guest engagement, and scale their experiential offerings.


TOURISTS found the solution in Way, the all-in-one experiential platform that allows them to launch and manage unlimited curated experiences, create new revenue opportunities, and streamline experiential payment processing, scheduling, and marketing.


Since partnering with Way, TOURISTS has seen significant results. The creation of unique, press-worthy programming has cultivated a loyal customer base that consistently returns to the property. Streamlining operations has allowed TOURISTS to transition programming into a part-time role, freeing up the Programming Director to concentrate on other critical aspects of the business. Way has also enabled TOURISTS to introduce a $15 nightly resort fee that includes complimentary programming for guests.

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Building a brand identity with unique offerings at TOURISTS

TOURISTS isn't your average motel. This trendy riverfront retreat, styled as a reimagined 1960s motor lodge, sits just three miles from the famed Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCa) in North Adams, MA.

While most first-time visitors come for the museum, guests at TOURISTS discover more reasons to stay, thanks to the curated programming offered by the property.  

"Connecting with creativity and nature is a big part of TOURISTS' identity," explains Tracy. "Way has empowered us to explore unique experiences that round out our brand."

Some of the curated experiences, powered by Way, include art workshops such as block printmaking and Japanese mending, along with outdoor excursions like hiking and yoga.

These experiences, designed to showcase North Adams, have not only enriched guest experiences but also provided compelling narratives for media outlets, gaining noteworthy press coverage, including Travel and Leisure and A Hotel Life.

"So many of the stories that receive press have been about our programming," said Tracy. "When we launched in 2018, our PR centered around being a new property, but as the programming grew, it became a whole new story to tell."

The focus on storytelling extends beyond just attracting new visitors. It fosters a community of loyal guests who keep returning for more, strengthening TOURISTS' brand image and reinforcing the value they offer to guests seeking an experience-rich stay.

“The programming that we do, the amenities that we have, and the experiences people provide here help people realize there’s a reason to keep coming back.”

TOURISTS hotel hosts live music and other unique programming for guests.

Empowering guests to discover and book experiences online  

TOURISTS, a 46-key resort with limited staffing and space, faced challenges in managing programming, payments, and marketing. Before adopting Way, they relied on calendar reservations but sought a comprehensive solution for their operational hurdles.

“We were limping along before Way,” Tracy shared. “Now, guests can clearly see what’s going on at the property at all times.”  

With Way’s white-label interface embedded directly on TOURISTS' website, customers can explore and reserve experiences effortlessly. The entire booking process is digitized for guests, staff, and hosts.

“Collecting money used to be a challenge," Tracy acknowledged. Way's room charge conversion feature "has been instrumental in streamlining this process.”

"Payments are now really easy, and the built-in liability feature means I never have to get guests to sign a waiver," Tracy added.  

TOURISTS utilizes Way for collecting customer feedback about programming, with an impressive 98% of surveyed customers expressing that the experience offerings increase the likelihood of booking again.

“The qualitative feedback that we’ve collected has been really helpful,” Tracy said. “Because It’s not just about how much money is being made, we also want to prove the efficacy of the programming and show that the return on the investment is positive.”

Scaling programming with efficiency and innovation  

With Way, TOURISTS is now offering more programming than ever. The Host product has enabled them to seamlessly partner with local hosts and staff, enhancing their ability to curate diverse and revenue-generating experiences.

"Since we don't have a spa on-property, hosted experiences like our in-room bodywork massage have been a great way to offer those wellness services to guests. It's driven quite a lot of revenue for us," Tracy said.  

It also lets them run with ideas a lot faster. “We’re constantly using every piece of our property to do programming since we don’t have a classroom or workshop space. Because we can book it on Way, we can flex the spaces that might normally be just a picnic table,” Tracy said.  

“With Way’s easy-to-edit pages and analytics, we can make continuous improvements to our programming based on guest experiences and booking habits,” Tracy added.

Scaling experiential offerings has enabled TOURISTS to elevate its complimentary programming, prompting the introduction of a new nightly resort fee. The success of onsite offerings provided merit for this, and guests can reserve these complimentary experiences directly on TOURISTS’ website, powered through Way.

“We call it our art and adventure fee, and it includes quite a lot of complimentary guest activities in addition to equipment rentals," Tracy explained. “It’s allowed programming to have a dedicated budget.”

With streamlined operations and a new budget thanks to Way, programming at TOURISTS is now leaner and more efficient.

"The art and adventure program director was a full-time position a few years ago," Tracy shared. "Way's efficiency changed that. Now, the position is part-time, and I’m able to contribute more to other areas of the business."

TOURISTS provides memorable programming with remarkable efficiency through Way, cultivating a brand identity that fosters loyalty and drives profitability.

Through the power of experiences, each stay transforms into an adventure worth sharing.



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