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The Charleston Place wanted a way to power memorable programming to drive guest engagement and brand awareness after the property went independent in 2022, but they lacked a system to create and manage guest experiences.


Way's platform provided Charleston Place with the tools to curate and market brand-defining experiences such as their Let it Snow event. Direct booking on their website captured meaningful guest data and streamlined operations.


Charleston Place has had nearly 60,000 experiences booked, including its iconic "Let it Snow" event. 95% of guests said the experiences increased their likelihood to return, and they've received notable press from Forbes, Condé Nast, and more for their memorable experiences. Streamlined operations freed up staff time for even more programming.




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Beginning in February 2022, The Charleston Place partnered with Way to deliver a robust offering of experiences and activations both on property and in the Charleston community.


The Charleston Place is a luxury hotel and gathering place for locals and visitors alike in Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to partnering with Way, The Charleston Place team did not have processes in place to create, market, and monetize experiential programming and brand activations.

In March 2022, the hotel transitioned from a branded property to an independent. As a part of this transition, Managing Director of The Charleston Place Robert Megargle and his team sought to deliver meaningful, immersive experiences to their guests as a means to drive brand awareness and relevancy as well as increased traffic to the property.

"At The Charleston Place, we pride ourselves on being Charleston’s Living Room, a welcoming and vibrant gathering place for all.

Working with Way’s hyper-responsive and collaborative Customer Success Team has allowed us to seamlessly launch and market immersive experiences directly on our website, elevating our offerings and providing guests with unforgettable memories.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Way to bring even more epic events to life in the future.” - Robert Megargle, Managing Director

Customer Goals

The Charleston Place team had several mission-critical objectives that needed to be addressed in order for them to reach their goals of becoming a truly unique gathering place for everyone, including:

Capture guest data to build brand loyalty and deepen customer relationships with both guests and non-guests
Develop and market curated experiences with local partners
Establish operational efficiencies via technology to allow hotel staff to focus on core tasks
Increase non-hotel guest traffic to the property
Allow guests to make special memories


With Way, nearly 60,000 people have booked experiences and immersive activations directly on The Charleston Place’s website. By choosing to host the end-to-end booking experience on their site rather than relying on third-party event marketplaces, the hotel’s operations and marketing teams can also instantly access the valuable data collected through these bookings.

The Charleston’s Place iconic ‘Let it Snow’ holiday experience saw more than 50,000 people book tickets in 2022 and 2023, and we expect this number to climb even higher throughout the busy holiday season.

What’s more, 95% of guests surveyed indicated that their experience increases the likelihood that they’ll stay at The Charleston Place again.

By streamlining the logistics of experience marketing with Way, both the corporate marketing department and Becky's on-site team can now dedicate their energy to crafting even more unforgettable guest programming. We're excited to witness how our partnership will continue to elevate The Charleston Place's enduring legacy through unique and impactful brand experiences.

Charleston Place

Charleston Place

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