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Way boosts Turtle Bay's bottom line with 180% more experiential transactions

Turtle Bay Resort partnered with Way to seamlessly manage its extensive offering of experiences and activations, both on property and across the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.


Turtle Bay struggled with complex, time-consuming processes for managing experiences. Their website didn't allow pre-booking, leading to missed revenue opportunities.


Way's platform offered a user-friendly interface for guests and staff. It consolidated booking, promotion, and payments, all integrated with their PMS for a smooth and elevated experience for everyone.


Turtle Bay saw a 75% revenue increase and 180% more transactions for experiences on Way. 40% of guests booked experiences, with an average lead time of 15 days. Streamlined operations saved staff time and improved vendor payments.


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YoY increase in experiential transactions

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Since 1972, Turtle Bay Resort has been synonymous with experiences unique to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. However, managing these experiences had become increasingly complex and time-consuming due to the use of multiple platforms and processes. The need for a more user-friendly interface for both guests and staff presented a significant challenge for the Turtle Bay team. With most of Turtle Bay’s guests booking activities once they arrive on the property, the management team also felt there was an untapped opportunity to increase pre-arrival spending.

"Way makes it much more appealing for guests to book our experiences. Not only have we seen a significant increase in transactions, but allowing the guest to book experiences in advance directly on our website has reduced our call volume and freed up more of our team’s time to focus on higher-value tasks.”

Customer Goals

In a nutshell, Turtle Bay needed a solution to fulfill several needs:

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile that allowed guests to book experiences directly on their website and enabled hotel staff to launch and manage experiences efficiently
  • One centralized platform that consolidated content promotion, availability management, bookings, and payments
  • A two-way integration with their property management system (PMS) in order to produce a unified view of their customer
  • The ability to drive pre-arrival spending and increase ancillary revenue


Turtle Bay launched its partnership with Way in 2022. Way’s white-label solution integrated quickly and seamlessly into Turtle Bay’s existing website, creating a smooth booking experience for guests and the concierge team. The platform preserved Turtle Bay's core brand elements, ensuring a consistent brand experience across the entire customer journey, all while keeping guests on their website.

  • 75%+ increase in revenue and a 180%+ increase in transaction count for experiences that were moved onto Way
  • 40% of guests booked an experience during their stay with an average booking window of 15 days
Power experiences with Way

With Way’s two-way PMS integration, Turtle Bay no longer had to manually match experience bookings with guest folios. Furthermore, Way offered guests flexible payment types, including the option to bill experiences directly to their rooms.

"Our other platform didn’t integrate with our PMS, so we had to physically write out vouchers for vendors leading our experiences. The vendor would then have to send us an invoice. It was a huge operational burden to have to reconcile that every day and manually post it to our PMS. With Way we can now automatically disburse payments to vendors which has streamlined our operations significantly.”

The next step for Turtle Bay is to continue adding more experiences for their guests and growing ancillary revenue.

"We’re always looking to add new and unique activities to offer our guests, and Way plays a critical role in allowing us to provide the best-in-class experience our guests are accustomed to.”

Robert Marusi
Chief Commercial Officer
Turtle Bay Resort

Robert Marusi
Chief Commercial Officer
Turtle Bay Resort

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