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Introducing Way's all-in-one experiential platform

Meet Host, Activate, and Reserve – empowering brands to develop and scale more experiences than ever before.

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Meet Reserve, Activate, and Host – empowering brands to develop and scale more experiences than ever before.

Way is excited to announce the launch of its expanded platform, featuring three unique but integrated products designed to transform how brands develop and scale experiences. Alongside this launch, Way is unveiling a refreshed look and feel.

Way’s journey began in 2020 as a solution for hospitality brands looking to integrate experiences into their strategy. The initial product, now called Host, enables brands to partner with local hosts and staff to curate and sell unique experiences directly through their websites.

Since launching, Way has helped hundreds of brands across the globe, including industry leaders such as Montage, AutoCamp, and Graduate Hotels, create new revenue opportunities and boost customer loyalty through experiences. Way has also dedicated significant efforts to grow its product suite to meet the growing needs of this experiential market.

With today’s release, brands can:

— Launch and scale more experiences than ever: With Reserve, Activate, and Host, brands can power a variety of experiences that cater to their unique audience and brand identity, including recurring resources and ticketed events.  
— Manage experiential from a singular hub: It’s easy for staff to adjust availability, make bookings on behalf of customers, and accommodate any variety of resources from the back end of the platform.
— Eliminate third-party platforms: Brands can increase revenue and get rid of excess technologies that drive customers offsite and disrupt the brand experience.

Partnering with local hosts is easier than ever 

Host remains a core product at Way and a light-touch solution for brands wanting to launch experiences hosted by third parties.

Local experts and staff create and facilitate exclusive cultural immersions, guided expeditions, or bespoke wellness activities. The brand approves and the experience launches on their site. From there, Way automates revenue sharing to ensure a smooth partnership.

New timeline views and calendar views give staff a single destination to check in on co-branded experiences and bookings. The host dashboard, find new hosts feature, AI-generated experiences, and beautiful landing pages simplify the process from launch to scale.

Boost loyalty and amplify awareness through direct ticket sales and activations

Activate simplifies the building and execution of onsite ticketed events, shows, and activations that put brands on the map and elevate their awareness. Teams can build bespoke event marketing pages in minutes, allowing guests to discover and purchase tickets directly.

Brands can maximize revenue opportunities with Way's flat-fee model and keep customers on its website throughout the entire purchasing journey. Activate also streamlines event management with intuitive tools for back-end organization and smooth QR code check-in.

Increase pre-arrival and on-site spending with an immersive view of recurring resources

Reserve empowers brands to streamline the launch and management of resource-based experiences and recurring services directly on their website. From daybeds and cabanas to wellness programming and adventure excursions, Reserve simplifies setup and booking for a wide range of offerings.

Resource mapping gives brands the ability to display an immersive view of resources, creating upsell opportunities by allowing customers to personalize their experience. In the backend, staff can easily assign specific amenities and offerings to customers and make changes on the fly, streamlining the management of complex resources.

Building for the future of experiential

Way is elevating how people interact with their favorite brands, providing the infrastructure for unforgettable experiences from the first digital touchpoint.

We believe a brand’s most defining moments stem from the transformational experiences it curates for its customers. We also recognize the importance of empowering internal teams with the infrastructure to launch, market, manage, and scale experiences efficiently.

With Reserve, Activate, and the enduring strength of Host, Way presents brands with more opportunities than ever to scale their experiential offerings and capitalize on the experience economy.

Join us in shaping the future of experiential with Way.


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